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Stiff necks; Causes and Chiropractic treatments you can use

Working long hours means more pay as well as more stress. However, most people pay much attention to pay rather than the stress. This is why a lot of people have been getting affected by stress-related issues like Stiff necks, body pains, weak muscles, and so on In this article, we shall be looking at the causes of Stiff necks and how some of the chiropractic and wellness services offered by Pointes chiropractic can help you recover. 

Causes of stiff necks

Stiff necks can be caused by a lot of things some of which include

  • Bad sleeping posture 

This is one of the most common causes of stiff necks. If you find yourself adopting a bad posture whenever you sleep, then you might be in danger of having a stiff neck. To avoid stiff necks as a result of bad sleeping posture, you only need to adopt good sleeping postures.

  • Injuries to the neck

Injuries to the neck are one of the causes of stiff necks. If you had an injury recently that had an impact on your neck, you might begin to experience some stiffness in your neck. 

  • Positioning your head in awkward positions for a long time

This is another reason why you might find yourself treating a stiff neck with iron neck cervical spine exercises. If you find yourself bending your neck in awkward positions let's say listening to a call without holding the phone with your hands or trying to see the board clearly in a class, then you might find yourself having stiff necks soon. 

Chiropractic treatments for stiff necks 

If you have a stiff neck, here are some of the chiropractic and wellness services you can make use of for an easy and fast recovery

  • Cervical spine manipulation

This is a skilled manipulation of the neck or Cervical spine, which involves a rotation of the neck sideways in a specific way. It is also referred to as a high velocity, low amplitude technique

  • Cervical spine mobilization

This is a technique that involves using low velocity and low amplitude that helps to give your body the proper adjustments it needs.

After these treatments, you can engage in iron neck cervical spine exercises to quicken your recovery


A Stiff neck should be prevented and it is advisable to avoid it rather than try to treat it. However, if you find yourself with a stiff neck after trying all you can to prevent it, then you should book a chiropractic session at the Pointes Chiropractic Clinic

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